Early Band Pics (probably around '96 -'97)       

  Yeah, I've been in bands on and off since I was about 16. First one was a hardcore band called Idiosyncrasy back in Russia, which was a lot of fun - we were all good friends, went to the same school and pretty much did everything together. The music was kind of speed metal, I guess, but it was still cool, playing that fast trained my hands pretty well. I think I still have some tapes somewhere - a lot of them sound funny, but there are parts that are really cool. Maybe one of these days I'll post a song or two here just for shits and giggles...

Here are a couple of pics from that time:

Band Beer Young Rocking it The paintings On a flat car Time to bust out the snow shovel! Hanging out outside Outside the homebase Back on the RR tracks By the Academy Just being stupid Fucking around Idiosinkrasis Hos That would be me Basuk Friends Being stupid Red Hanging out Good times Basuk Red Train Me and Red The wheel me and Rus The wheel Me and Red Profilak Climbing the walls Me, back on the parachute tower A shot from above PA speakers Me Me and Basuk Morning after partying Fucking around Hos and Red Smoky Violin Grass Me Getting wasted At school One last time